to rusticspirit on the tranquil side of the mountain. rusticspirit is a very special and magical retreat – a boutique woodlands sanctuary nestled in the arms of the Wollemi National Park.

rusticspirit is a boutique hotel and private guesthouse, 90 minutes north-west of Sydney, via the M2M7 motorway offering the astute guest a luxury escape to indulge the body, sooth the mind and replenish the spirit. This establishment has become renowned as the ultimate romantic getaway in NSW winning many awards over the years. Many of our guests return annually for their wedding anniversary.

In an increasingly hectic and frantic world, we all need time out to reconnect with life’s beauty. Life is a gift for us to enjoy. As life becomes busier it often passes us by. rusticspirit is one of those rare places where we can stop and just be! Stillness Remembered!

Set high in the Kurrajong Hills, rusticspirit is a secluded haven of tranquillity surrounded by both classic Australian natural forest and a garden of stunning deciduous trees that are magnificent in both autumn and spring and where the sounds of abundant birdlife mix with the distant flow of running water to create a symphony of silence. As one of our guests remarked: ‘this place is good for the soul’.

As we reconnect with the wellspring of our being our energy, vitality, verve and zest for life are restored – we resume our natural élan and spirit of well-being. In this idyllic mountain retreat our inherent love of life returns. From this renewed space, we once again rekindle our love of life, self and loved one – romance is restored.

We are effortlessly healed of the stresses of the modern age!


Romantic, fully self-contained, elegant and luxurious cottages situated in the treetops transport us to another more provincial world enabling us to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. The boutique accommodation consists of three elegantly appointed and very private cottages plus a two-bedroom garden apartment. The perfect place to unwind and relax, soaking in the country ambiance of fresh mountain air, birdsong, filtered sun and peace!